At BEAM Concrete safety is job ONE and it is our belief every employee deserves a safe place to work. We are committed to ensuring all parties involved in each project are provided a safe environment whether our employees, other subcontractors, suppliers or client personnel.

To maintain our exceptional safety record our safety process includes:

  • Company safety procedures in possession of all site superintendents
  • Daily safety review of site conditions
  • Weekly onsite “Tool Box” safety review
  • Monthly in-house safety meetings
  • Pre-pour review of concrete pump set up
  • Fall protection training and review
  • Trench safety training and review
  • OSHA 10-hour certification for all supervisory staff
  • Equipment training on all major equipment
  • Expert training on various safety subjects
  • First aid training for supervisory staff
  • SDS catalog maintenance and training
  • Dig-Tess review and 14 day updates
  • Review of site overhead power lines with crews, supplier & other subs